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How to define the quality of lingerie?

Even if no one knows what’s hidden under your dress, the high-quality lingerie is like a secret key to your high self-esteem and bulletproof confidence. Quality bras mean exceptional comfort, durability, and a great outlook.


It’s been a while since bras were made purely from the natural fabrics like silk or linen. Although most modern lingerie (and bras in particular) is made of synthetic fabrics, latter have a very smooth and soft texture so could even exceed natural fabrics on many criteria. The mix of high-quality synthetic fabric (like Nylon, Lycra, and Tulle) and lace with silk, considers the best combination in terms of lingerie’s final outlook and fabric’s durability after the multiple wash cycles.

High-quality fabric, whether it is a lace or tulle, should not include any snags, scratches or other irregularities. The whole garment should be smooth and pleasant to touch. You can easily say that, let’s say, that lingerie made by Agent Provocateur is of superior quality as it gives a pleasant smooth sense as it touches the skin. Thus, the quality of the fabric plays the main role in the overall undergarment’s quality.

how to define the quality of lingerie (pink bra)

Construction of the bra

Other criteria you should pay close attention before buying a 300$ bra is the construction of the item. The underwire should be made from a high-quality thin rigid boning. Those elements, if made from metal, should be coated by special anti-corrosion cover which prevents appearing of rust spots on the bra’s fabric. Boning shape must match a perfect semi-circle and the ends of the boning must not stick out of the fabric.

Note, that most common problem with the poor quality bras is an underwire tips which tear through the fabric and stick into the skin. Therefore, a quality bra always has a double-layered strip at the boning spots.

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Seams and fasteners

A type of seams a producer uses to sew the bra is an essential indicator of your undergarment’s quality. The threads should go smooth, the lines should run straight and the size of the stitches must be absolutely equal with no variations. All metal or plastic elements (closures or fasteners) should have a flat surface and should be unnoticed under the bra’s belt.

One of the most beautiful examples of the high quality you can find at Victoria’s Secret website to choose your own dream bra or lingerie set. Get used to the quality when it comes to lingerie as that is exactly how a woman expresses self-love and self-respect.

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